Podcast: Organised Vehicle Crime in the EU

In the course of the last decade, organised property crime has become one of the primary concerns of EU policy-makers. Motor vehicle theft remains one of the most common organised crimes, affecting virtually all EU Member States. Within this context, V-Bar is designed as a national barrier model that aims to unravel the criminal processes behind motor vehicle theft and stolen motor vehicle parts in six EU countries – Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

In this episode of the V-Bar podcast, our host Vladislav Krastev, Security Analyst at the Center for the Study of Democracy will be discussing the question of why is MVT still an important topic in Europe with Dr. Jelle Jenssen, an expert on criminal policy and organised crime and a professor in Criminology at Ghent University in Belgium.

V-BAR Project Launch

Ghent University, the Center for the Study of Democracy, and the Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety launched the EU-funded project “Combating organised vehicle crime by developing barriers to prevent the facilitation of online distribution of stolen vehicles and vehicle parts” (V-BAR). 

V-BAR will investigate organised property crime in the form of motor vehicle crime, including motor vehicle theft and online distribution of stolen vehicle parts. The objective of the project is to map the criminal markets concerning motor vehicle theft in the EU. Based on the logistical process of motor vehicle theft in six selected EU Member States, a European barrier model of organised vehicle theft and stolen vehicle parts will be developed. 

The V-BAR project’s results will aim to support and enhance operational cooperation between EU law enforcement authorities and other public and private stakeholders in the field of motor vehicle crime. 

Make sure to visit the project website to keep up with updates, publications, and news or get in touch with us via the Contact section.

European Network on the Administrative Approach tackling serious and organised crime

The European Network on the Administrative Approach (ENAA) has been formed within the EU in the Council Conclusion of 5 November 2010. Since then the Network has evolved into a Network of National Contact Points which act as a gateway to law enforcement agencies, government departments, administrative bodies and academia in their respective countries.

More information is available here

Barrier model on Organised Property Crime

The European Network on the Administrative Approach (ENAA) held a session in Brussels with eleven different Member States to work on a “European barrier model Organised Property crime”. The participants prioritised the process steps of the OPC barrier model, distinguishing between international and national process steps. The Member States selected the barriers that deserves the most attention from the participants and made these barriers concrete with an action plan.

More information is available here

For more information about the administrative approach in the EU, consult the “Third EU Handbook on the administrative approach in the European Union

Operation Mobile 4 sees 23 countries clamp down on smuggling and trafficking

Europol operation Mobile 4 conducted in November 2021, has targeted multiple forms of organised property crime and fraud in 16 European countries and 6 Balkan states. As a result, Europol operative successfully intercepted hundreds of stolen vehicles and vehicle parts.

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Europol supports dismantling of gang specialised in the theft of catalytic converters

In May 2017 Europol has supported an international investigation led by France and Bulgaria to dismantle a criminal network involved in the theft of catalytic converters in France. As a result, 8 Bulgarian nationals were arrested, suspected of having stolen over 580 catalytic converters, according to the investigators the total estimated losses could amount to EUR 650 000.

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Thefts of luxury cars: Europol successfully supports joint investigation team

In October 2016 Europol coordinated operation between the French Gendarmerie and the German Police of Cologne, as result 15 suspects were arrested. The investigators claimed that the organised crime group specialized in the theft of luxury vehicles.

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