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Le Modèle de la Barrière Comme Instrument de Prévention et de Lutte Contre la Criminalité Liée aux Véhicules

L’approche du modèle de la barrière est utilisée pour examiner les formes complexes de criminalité en se concentrant sur le processus logistique qui les soustend. L’approche du modèle de la barrière commence par l’examen minutieux du scénario du crime et du modèle logistique utilisé par les criminels pour commettre un crime. L’utilisation de scénarios criminels […]

Das Barriermodell als Ein Instrument zur Verhinderung und Bekämpfunk der Kraftfahrzeug-Kriminalität

Das Barrieremodell wird zur Untersuchung komplexer Formen von Kriminalität verwendet, indem der Schwerpunkt auf den ihr zugrunde liegenden logistischen Prozess gelegt wird. Das Barrieremodell beginnt mit der Untersuchung des Drehbuchs der ausgeführten Straftat und des logistischen Modells, das von den Straftätern oder Straftäterinnen zur Begehung einer Straftat verwendet worden ist. Die Verwendung von Drehbüchern ermöglicht […]

The Barrier Model as an Instrument to Prevent and Tackle Vehicle Crime

The barrier model approach is utilised to examine complex forms of crime by focusing on the logistical process underpinning it. The barrier model approach starts by scrutinising the crime script and the logistical model utilised by the criminals to commit a crime. Utilising crime scripts allows for the identification of logistical process steps. A script […]


V-BAR had the privilege to take part in the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Society of criminology taking place between 6 and 9 September 2023 in Florence, Italy. Catherine Monbailliu, Sonja John, Atanas Rusev, Klaus von Lampe presented the problem of vehicle crime in the EU and the barrier model approach, the profile of […]

Organised vehicle crime in Europe: six country case studies

Organised property crime is pervasive across all EU Member States, demanding immediate and collective action. Motor vehicle crime, encompassing vehicle theft and the fencing of stolen vehicle parts, is a particularly lucrative form of organised property crime. Despite its decline in the last decade, the overall prevalence of motor vehicle crime remains alarmingly high in […]

Trends and Dynamics of Vehicle Theft in Bulgaria

Car thefts in Bulgaria were among the most notorious crimes of the crime-ridden 1990s and early 2000s and are frequently discussed in media as evidence of the inability of Bulgarian governments to combat organised crime. Despite a decline in vehicle thefts over the past few years, the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior still ranks vehicle […]